Parent letters, again

My husband is a genius. I’m writing my policy packets, and when they were coming out at  four pages, he told me that no one would read more than one, so…ta da! I created an embedded reading! I shortened the whole four pages down to one, listed it as a summary on the first page, and wrote that parents need read no further unless they wanted details. Truly, the whole thing did boil down to things of importance being able to fit on one page. Embedded readings work for everything, as it turns out. The plus bit of this is that many of my parents are actually ELL, so one page works really well for them.

And maybe, just maybe, I should hand out only the first page!


One response to “Parent letters, again

  1. Hi Michele,
    Thank you so much for all the wonderful posts and reflections! I’ve reading your posts and really enjoy your work.
    I’m starting school tomorrow, more excited than being nervous this year. Yay to the 11th NTPRS conference in St. Louise.
    It was so nice meeting you in person!
    I wonder whether it would be possible to ask you to share your parent letter and syllabus with me. I’m very interested in what you are saying. I searched on TPRSTALK, I found couple syllabus. For some reason, it wouldn’t allow me to download.
    It looks like that you are starting with a great year!
    Thank you,


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