I think it must have been Laurie who posted this RSA Animate video. It was on TPRS Publishing’s Facebook page.

It’s on what motivates us, and I think it might just make some of us think about our kids…my immediate idea is to have a once-a-month “party” for learning Russian in groups…doing whatever kids want…maybe even inviting kids from the other periods to join us on a “field trip” day during one of the periods.

If anyone else has ideas about how to tap into this sort of motivation (I am showing my concrete learner style here…not creative about other ways to adapt), I’d love to hear them.



2 responses to “Motivation

  1. Couldn’t follow the link you provided. What’s the name I should search on youtube?
    I like the sound of your idea and would like to explore it more and contribute if possible.


  2. Darn! It’s called “RSA Animate – Drive: the Surprising Truth about what Animates Us.”

    Hope this will work. Did I mention our hard drive at home crashed? Luckily I have an iPad (thanks, Mom). And luckily I’ve been operating out of the cloud lately. Also, my husband is pretty good about backing stuff up, so we should be okay. 2007 Mac. It has had a lot of hard use.


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