Parent night…again

Thankfully, my Russian 1 students reminded me today that parent night is MONDAY…OMG. I immediately ditched our current story and started working on cat-and-mouse, and now I have to figure out how to video the rest of the kids so that their parents know what they are doing. Somehow I thought I had another week.

Because I am hot on this, I am also in practice for visiting a couple (3) English classes to spread the word that Russian is cool. I go to a friend’s English classes and teach them the cat and mouse story that Susie gave us for parent night. They learn it really quickly, and then they are impressed that they can understand so much Russian. Generally I get about two kids per class out of these visits for the next year. That helps me, because Russian enrollment is limited because it is “hard.” That’s why the SpEd kids can pass it…

The other thing that all this does for me is remind me how to go slowly. I have a “Justin” in my intermediate class this year — Laurie’s mis-placed student story — and it is making me sad to watch him lose his school love when he walks in my door. So I’m working on really limiting the language to what I can give him. Strangely enough, what that is also doing is allowing a brand new level one kid to succeed in that class.


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