I forgot something…output too early is demoralyzing. I asked my intermediate class to do output for a story they really didn’t have down today, just because it was the “easiest” thing to do at the moment. Ironically, I just now remembered doing exactly the same thing with the same class period about the same time last year. My excuse is that they all seem so strong, because they all understand everything, and I think that now that we’ve told the story and illustrated a mural and asked some questions and so on that they could do the retell in small groups. I forgot that this was the whole class story, not one that they made up in those groups (which are highly mixed) and that they aren’t settled yet as a class to know that they can and should help one another. But most of all, I forgot that I need to do some other activities, like tableau or class retell of small pieces, or any number of other things that would be input, first!! Darn!!


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