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I just got the following letter from our UAA Alaska Language Acquisition Network coordinator. Some of you might remember me saying that AEIN was the coolest thing ever…well, the name has changed, but this is an invitation to join the new group’s conversation! It will be on two Wednesdays a month, from 4-5 p.m. Alaska time. That means it’s an hour later on the West Coast, and four hours later on the East Coast (and way different in New Zealand and Australia, where some of the addresses are from on the mailing list). You’re still welcome to be part of the conversation, occasionally or regularly, and I bet you can even take the course. I will post whatever Nancy sends me on September 7, but for now, you could mark your calendar, and you can also write directly to Nancy (address at the bottom) and ask her to add you to the list! Note: it isn’t specifically TPRS, but a lot of folks on the list do use TPRS.

Dear Language Acquisition Network,

It is exciting to know that this e-mail is being sent across Alaska as well as to our colleagues all over the world. We hope you are well and enjoying your work around teaching and learning language. Your work is important!

Panigkaq Agatha John-Shields and I would like to invite you to our first Language Acquisition Network Meeting this school year.

We will meet on September 7th from 4:00-5:00 on E-live.

Last spring we posed the following question:
If you were involved in a year-long course around assessment what would you consider to be a successful outcome? What would we see and hear in your practice that supports effective assessment?

With the help of Dr. Ed McClain and Dr. Susan Tucker we took this data as well as the questions we heard you asking during our network meetings and created a course to support our continued learning.

Our work together will include the following:

·         Learning on behalf of each other to create a plan to assess instruction and learning of target languages.

·         Examining our assumptions and digging into the data around student learning, teacher practice and school and community context.

·         Creating authentic Preschool- grade 20 partnerships.

Please join us on the September 7th at 4:00 (Alaska time) to continue our work together. We welcome everyone to the conversation regardless if you want to take the course or not. I will send the link and a reminder the day of the meeting. Please note our network meetings have been moved to Wednesdays.

If you are new to the group you will want to watch the movie below. It captures our mission and the core values of our work together.

Learning on behalf of each other…. For the Children

We believe…

We believe that the expertise to improve schools and student learning exists within Alaska’s schools and universities.  Partners have embraced “Networked Learning”. A key principle of networked learning is  “learning with and on behalf of others” in order to deepen the knowledge of the group as well as the individual. Another key principle is the co-construction of these networked learning experiences. This is an open network. Everyone is welcome.

Very truly yours,

Nancy Boxler and Panigkaq Agatha John-Shields

Nancy Boxler

University School Liaison

College of Education

University of Alaska, Anchorage

(907) 786-4516


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