Whoops! Need grades!

Every so often, I sign up for a Friday in the lab for kindergarten day. This week, it snuck up on me; I forgot it was Friday. And I realized that this was the last day of the third week of school, so I needed some grades in the book. Luckily, I’ve been updating the links on my student home page so that there are lots of places for students to go and things for them to do, and I’ve been blogging our stories, so I told them to read through the recent stories with their partners, then read to me whichever one I picked, and then they could check out all the links.

So that’s what we did. I circulated, having given them a few minutes to get started, and told them I wanted them to read to me as fast as they could in English while looking at the Russian. It took all period with each class, as it turned out, but it was a nice way to let them study and then have some fun with the links. I got a good handle on who is having trouble with the reading and they got to feel successful.

I made a list of the readings, tried not to choose the same ones at any given table, and went from kid to kid listening. After about three sentences, I could tell where they were. I did pick tougher ones for stronger kids and easier segments for barometer kids, but beyond that, I didn’t have to do much preparation. And I didn’t have to grade or shuffle papers after the fact! My kind of assessment and grading. I will have to do those a few times this quarter.


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