Visitor took over the computer

Our wonderful tech guy came in to set up my (2006) SmartBoard during class. I’m pretty excited about this thing, which will let me at the very least keep my notes. While he was here, we couldn’t do whatever it was I was intending to do that was computer-assisted.

So we did what we often do when I have a visitor: we told a story about him. Of course, the visitors have to come out on the good side of things, so when someone suggested that he lives on the street, another student quickly amended it to being Sesame Street. Then they made me his neighbor. He had a very nice big house with a pool. I had a hut (new word from our song) with a little pool out in the yard. The kids worked in our mascot and some phrases from the song (he invited me to dinner, but I refused).

The kids were looking pretty tired after too many days off, but when the story started they all came alive. I love the way that storytelling rejuvenates them!

I have still been using my partners a lot. For one thing, after the group translates, I get them to work in pairs to translate again. That gives me a break, and lets them show what they’ve got. In one case today I found out that understanding wasn’t happening. Another partner task today was to find five structures from the song that they know now but didn’t before. I called on six or seven pairs to shout out their words to quiz the class with their choices, and it was illuminating to hear which words the different kids chose as well as how many kids recognized somewhat obscure (in my mind) phrases.

3 responses to “Visitor took over the computer

  1. You have a Smartboard?! How exciting!!!


    • I will…whenever this gets hooked up. The only thing is that it’s also hooked to the separate projector, and anytime it gets moved has to be re-somethinged. We have to still get a longer USB cable for it to be far enough from the projector, and then I have to hook up speakers, and learn how to use it. But when all that happens, I will be in business!! Then I’ll be coming to you for help! Can’t wait.


      • Good luck with smartboard MJ. I have had used one for a few years now for better or worse. I don’t use too many fancy applications but I am into visuals, so show lots of pics alongside what is being discussed. Of course videos of sundials, songs, circulatory systems, whatever you need are great too. In my classroom I prefer a lot of natural light so the pulling the blinds down for the ‘cinema syndrome’ side of things is of some frustration as my smartboard does shine brighter in a darkened environment. I hope yours works well. In my school all the projectors are fixed to the ceiling and have security cages around them. We learnt that the hard way!


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