Sub plans

I had to rehearse for having a sub tomorrow. I taught the kids how to get and put away the mini white boards (one to a group), the markers and the erasers.

They divided the white board into the same number of squares as people in their group. Each one is to tell one square.

To meet the standard at this point, they must:

say one sentence for every year of Russian they’ve had

use the required vocabulary (though it doesn’t matter who uses it in the group–not really grade-able)

Things not to do: make notes, write words on the board, use English (any of these drop you to a “developing” or even beginning).

Ways to exceed the standard:

use complex sentences, add questions to your piece, add dialogue to your piece.

I ask the group I think is weakest to go first. They stand in order of the telling. They do their thing, the audience applauds, and then the next group goes up.

Then they do it all over again if there is time.

I thought I was pushing on my first years too much, but they did great! And my intermediate group was totally amazing. Blew me away.


4 responses to “Sub plans

  1. I’m looking at this thread really closely because I’m prepping my class tomorrow for a sub on Friday. Does the sub (mine has no German language ability) grade the group by counting sentences and listening for the target words? I can’t do this with my beginners because they’ve only had four days of instruction by this point in our school year, but the rest of my students will do great with this.


  2. Yeah…the sub doesn’t even really need to listen for the target words. Just give her/him the rules and the preparation explanation. If you prep it with the kids and put someone in charge of calling the time, it will work. We practiced with a five-minute prep time so that it would take less time during today’s class. I was actually hoping to do one round, then have a kid take over for round two. We didn’t have enough time.


  3. It worked well! I had one German II class that is just slogging through everything that didn’t really distinguish themselves, but everybody that was trying had a fun time and will be able to run on auto-pilot tomorrow. Thanks for the details!


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