Piedad’s site/today

I have been hanging out on Piedad’s site ever since she wrote a comment and I noticed it had a web link. Her articles on TPRS are very helpful, especially if you need some way to explain TPRS to parents, but they are also useful for new TPRS teachers. The lesson templates are wonderful! If I ever have to turn in lesson plans again, I will know where to go, but in the meantime, they are a great extra support piece. And the learning center pictures are out of this world. My goal is to have just one of those centers in my classroom. Outstanding! Go see the site! It’s under Helpful Websites in the sidebar to the right.

Today I was debriefing from our conference and showing kids the video we produced for it, so it was not really a normal language day. We had about 25 minutes, so I asked the kids who wanted to star today. One student was delighted to be asked, so he came right up to the front of the class to talk about how he swims. We decided that he swims in Kenai Lake at 4 am only when the sun is shining. He doesn’t get cold because he swims so fast.

It’s crazy how much language we can make comprehensible in a little bit of time. We’ve started to use different cases for personal pronouns (point to the person if it’s the subject form, two fingers point if it’s an indirect object meaning “to” him/her/them/us/me). I had to explain the “to” thing only once, and now the kids get it. It’s so much easier than dragging out all the charts and explaining the case names and various reasons for each and practicing forever and never getting to use it. I love TPRS.


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