ALAN meeting

Just in case you’re trying to get on and can’t right now (4:00 Alaska time, 8:00 New York time), here’s a new link that works better.


One response to “ALAN meeting

  1. That was an interesting meeting. ALAN is revving up for a course on culturally appropriate assessment. I have to admit that at first, I was dismayed to hear that the class might fall under the title, “Literature Review,” but in the end was convinced that if we are to create a group “assessment toolkit,” we do need to be coming from the same place. It sounds as though people are not worried about such a course taking a long view and working toward the assessment toolkit for a while.

    Just in case others are curious, the next meeting will be on October 3, at 4:00 Alaskan time. It won’t be a course yet, but a continuation of the conversation we were having today. Write to Nancy and ask to be on the ALAN mailing list (there is no obligation!) — it can be fascinating. You don’t have to be in Alaska. And if you sign up and go to the meeting place and it isn’t working at the right time, first check your clock, then your mail. We all got the revised address after 4:00, when the first one wasn’t working.

    One of the comments was that if we create such a toolkit, we can’t just pass it out willy-nilly; people will need to know where the course is coming from. I hope that doesn’t mean that we are going to create something that looks like a textbook. I know that lots of people are anxious to get a collection of different ways to assess under CI methodology. The lead instructor said that from his conversations at the conference last weekend, he started to understand that people had such a rapid shift in methodology that they didn’t really have a grasp on what it meant to assess. I tend to believe that the folks who’ve been following Scott Benedict and Laurie Clarcq are a little closer to understanding what assessment means and some of what the means are of assessing.

    Part of me is just kicking and screaming about putting too much time into this thing, when what I see as important is the teaching piece. But just as I found my mind being changed about the need for a lit review, I can imagine that it will be very interesting to discuss these issues with other passionate teachers.


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