This article, about how Whole Foods primes their customers, may not seem to have anything to do with our classes, but I wonder how much we could prime our kids, and in what ways. It’s not that I want to manipulate, but just that I want them to have happy thoughts about learning Russian. There was one study that showed kids would be in the mood that you presented if you asked them to manipulate words at the beginning of the class period (don’t remember where/how/when–it was in a workshop for teaching English a long time ago), and if you asked them, for instance, to put words having to do with being quiet, or rowdy, or imaginative, in some sort of order, they would respond by being measurably more that way. I’m thinking that maybe some sort of sign on the doors as they exit the building, then come into my relo–or maybe the music I play–or pictures of cute young Russians–

Maybe this is why we need more Russian t-shirts out there!! And maybe this explains why Betsy’s kids get all revved up at the beginning of a lesson. I have only watched two classes, but she has music playing and an interesting picture displayed. Hmm. I often start that only after class has begun.

More conference notes later.


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