OK, that stands for Bundesvision Song Contest, which just concluded on Friday and we finished up rating and discussing today in my intermediate and advanced classes.  Each Bundesland (like a state) in Germany gets to nominate one singer to compete against all of the other states to see who wins the annual title.  A little like American Idol except a) the big names in German music often compete and b) it’s all streamed and archived on the internet.

While listening to the songs, I had each student rate each song they heard from 1-10 (10 being highest). Then when we heard them all, I had them get in groups of four to five and add up their raw scores for the group for each song.  Then I had each group write their raw scores on the board (in a graph I created in Word and projected onto the whiteboard using the LCD projector). Then it was a quick matter of tabulating the scores for all the groups to see who won.

So it turns out that my student’s taste in music was actually pretty close to the final results.  We had one song that we loved that placed much lower in the actual standings, but other than that the ratings were pretty close.

The best part, though, was that I then pulled out the text of the winning song “Wenn Worte meine Sprache wären” by Tim Benkzko from Berlin and we went over it.  I had previously gone over the song to pre-teach important phrases, and the five I chose were ALL on my current word list we are studying right now: would have, would be, would, already, lets. I didn’t even plan it that way, it just turned out so.  When told that one student accused me of announcing the false winner to the contest just to get my reps in. I laughed and told her I wished I was so clever.  Gotta love those high frequency words.


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