Fast Write Idea

Can’t remember who shared this at our meeting–maybe Martina? Allison?

Anyway, it’s about fast writes, and it came from a sub. The students get one minute to write about the recent story. They look it over, then they get three minutes to re-write that line and as much more as they can. They get another chance to look it over, then they get ten full minutes to write, including re-writing the original content. Evidently when they count their words, the second time is more than three times the original, and the third time is significantly more than ten times the original. Maybe the kids count their words in between. I’m not sure.

Anyway, it’s a twist on a fast write, and twists are always great! I’m going to try it today with my intermediate and advanced groups and see what happens.


5 responses to “Fast Write Idea

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  2. This worked SO well!! Martina wrote about it too, and fixed some of the things (like the fact that it was Betsy who told us about it) I’d forgotten in her post, but I’ll address those the next time we try this.

    Kids wrote more than twice what they had in the past on fast writes. It was very powerful!

    (And if you check Martina’s blog, she has more of the notes from that meeting.)


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  5. I love this plan! Thanks so much for fixing the exact problem I’m having with my free writes!


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