Today it was pretty clear that the third-period class was going to have focus trouble. It was really cold in my little relo, and two kids were already on their phones as class started. Talk about teacher downer. So I played the “get-em” game, and whenever they lost focus, we stood up and did a quick TPR series or a song. We got to talk a lot more about how Anna compares to various kids in the class. A couple of kids won “cheese” awards for their great acting, because they’re starting to get the idea of competing for the award.

In my advanced class, the kids remembered to draw a name for the singing Ninja, and our new Ninja used it to great advantage, by demanding a song just as I passed out the comp books and before I could tell them that fastwrites were Ninja proof. Hah. I got them, though. We had the same word through a number of different news articles (it was “simple,” as in Putin says the simple people want him to run for president, and the guy who wanted off the plane in the middle of the flight was just a simple guy…) and then it turned up in the song they chose too. I told them I am all-knowing.


One response to “Focus!

  1. I love the idea on the “cheese” award. Because I’m in Wisconsin, maybe I’ll go and buy a cheesehead that I can use for this.


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