Wants to be

I just had a fun time in my level 1/2 class. We were prepping to do the story about the dog who wants to be a tiger (thanks to my husband’s input–see the dog dyeing story, below). I passed out cards and asked kids to write or draw what they want to be. Then we started through the cards. I asked the kids who they guessed wanted to be a fat walrus. It took them only a couple guesses. We found out that he likes to swim and would prefer to be a fat walrus in California, rather than in Alaska. The next student wanted to be a photographer for National Geographic. The third one wanted to be a tomato, because they are red and juicy. Strangely, the entire class guessed correctly who that was. And so on. The kids wanted to do everyone’s card, but I started the dog story (a big reddish dog who lives in China and wants to be a cat…all input from the kids, surprisingly enough) and we were having fun with it when the bell rang.


One response to “Wants to be

  1. Gotta share this…

    I did the same activity in my intermediate class with the cards and “wants to be…” and then moved into the story about a dog who wants a new look. Well, one kid had serendipitously said he wanted to be a wizard, and I knew yesterday that another kid is always doing her friend’s hair. The story I had written up for reading had not only a wizard that the dog approached, but the girl in class who does hair. She took care of the dog’s desire to be a “tiger,” though in this second class, the kids said the dog wanted to be a panda (and of course, those pictures include dogs who look like pandas).

    One guy who’s been struggling all year, and whose abilities I haven’t been certain of, took one look at the story on the overhead and a look of pure amazement came over his face. He asked when I’d written that, and he just couldn’t believe that I wrote it last night, “predicting” what would happen in class today. I got to look like an omniscient being for the second day in a row. The best part was that this kid clearly was able to skim the story before reading it with his partner and know that I’d included things that were in our discussion.


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