I was observed by my evaluating principal yesterday (only the third time being observed in 27 years by an evaluator…what does that say…) and dropped in to ask him what he thought, because he said that we wouldn’t have a follow-up meeting until the spring. (What??? I guess that’s an attempt to make it more possible for principals to get through these evaluations.)

I wanted feedback. And he was very complimentary…said all the right things: the kids were engaged, I spent at least 80% of the time in Russian (–that’s a low figure, as far as I’m concerned), that they laughed when it was funny, and that he liked the TPR stuff. He asked why I did it that way (using gestures to define the meanings of words in songs and to work on the grammar of the verbs of motion in the song). I explained about kinesthetic learning and how TPR is the predecessor to TPRS.  Then he said that it was really fun to hear what the kids wanted to be. I hadn’t assigned him an interpreter, so he was truly paying attention and comprehending.

I told him he should drop in sometime when we would all feel more comfortable (the kids were as uptight as they had ever been–they all thought the discipline principal was there to watch them…bunch of guilty consciences!) and we might be able to work him into a story. I told him it wouldn’t have to do anything with his job at school. He looked like he might actually do that.


3 responses to “Evaluation

  1. This is a definite woo-hoo moment, MJ! YAY! It’s so great that he actually SAW what you were doing and could translate it into “best practices” jargon. Congratulations!

    I’d write down what you just said in this post and send him a little thank you-follow up email to make sure he remembers include that stuff in the formal feedback in the Spring. Can you sense my underlying distrust of administrators?


  2. to include


  3. Good idea. I saw him taking notes, and I gave him Susie’s administrator evaluation of TPRS classroom form, so I think that might be part of why he was able to recognize some of the pieces. Thank you for the advice!


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