Today is the beginning of a weird week: parent conferences. We have our Thursday schedule today, normal the next two days, and then parent conferences after a truncated morning schedule on Thursday. Friday the kids have off.

So I forgot it was Monday today (and I’m expecting Friday tomorrow, more’s the pity).

In my advanced class, kids were telling me that certain words and songs were stuck in their head, so we did a one-word story about pirates who are evil at night and good in the day, who live on a green wooden ship that has a small white goat for a figurehead and an enormous red squirrel as a mascot. I’ve never really done a one-word story with them, and it was pretty fun. We got to no emotions, and I’m not clear on where the pirates are from. Other than that, what was weird was that we were able to practice the clauses that I’ve pretty much are this quarter’s work and do a re-run on plural adjectives, which I think I’ve never actually mentioned to them. Well, I didn’t mention “plural nominative adjectival forms” today, either…just talked about how those endings go with more than one pirate a couple of times. Then I forgot to mention any of those at all as we did our reading.

Comprehensible input. That’s what we were doing today.


2 responses to “Ship

  1. Great stuff. I’ve always struggled working on determined circling to really work up a good one word image, but I think I will try that with my advanced class. They really know how to play the game and I trust them.

    So trying to recreate your lines of questioning is something like this:
    Are the pirates good or bad?
    When are they good?
    What does the ship look like?
    What else does the ship look like?

    I can’t even think about how you got that mascot in there.

    Thanks for the specific example; it helps to try and recreate the process.


  2. Actually, the word floating around in K’s head was “ship.” So that’s where we went from…what kind of a ship, who’s on it, and what are they like. We pulled up an artist to be ready to draw once there was something to draw, and she did a picture that I got onto the main post just now, but she didn’t get to draw until we had a lot of things established. The mascot came on because the artist wanted squirrels to be on the ship, not pirates, and the goat became the figurehead because there was already the giant red squirrel. Did I mention that the ship’s name was “Red Snow?” I can’t remember why. It was amazing how long this took to develop.

    (I’m hoping no one has subscribed to this thread’s comments, since I keep coming back and adding little stuff.)

    What you said about the specifics is curious. I sometimes think that this sort of post is interesting only for me. I don’t enjoy hearing the complete details about other people’s stories…unless they say what the point was and how they got there. Then it’s something that I can visualize, rather like Ben’s entire PQA book. I love that thing…it’s like I’m in the classroom, and I can imitate it in my own. So it’s good to know that when I err on the side of telling what happens in class, it’s useful for others in the same way. (Hope that makes sense.)


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