Good day!

I have been working on Poor Anna for a while now, prepping my level 1 kids. Last year it took a week to get through the first paragraph, and the kids hated the book by the time we’d slogged through a certain amount. Today we read the first page in 15 minutes, and they all read with partners, so I’m clear that they’re actually understanding. Our pre-reading process was lengthy and detailed, going into who in class compared in which ways with Anna’s family. Today, I read the whole page to them first, and some superstars translated as we went. Then I read the whole page and they followed in the books. Then we read by paragraphs, and the kids read in English chorally. It is SO not a first-year Russian book. Then the pairs read in English on their own. That was a whole lot of re-reading, not very inventive, but I’m very happy about the results, because I know for sure that everyone is in. Tomorrow we’ll first do something to get the story set in their minds visually, and then we’ll start the Scaffolding Literacy system with one paragraph, rather than one sentence, because the sentences aren’t really long enough to use in that way. I’m excited!!

In my intermediate class, I did Jody’s pre-quiz system over the story that we’d read up from an embedded story. They were a bit mystified and didn’t understand how I was going to grade six individual pieces of paper from each of them. Too bad…the period ended, and now we don’t have class until Monday. But this will be a great way to get them back into the story on Monday.

Love these wonderful ideas! It means that there’s always someplace interesting to go after any reading or story or song.


2 responses to “Good day!

  1. What is Jody’s pre-quiz system?


  2. Click on Jody’s blog on the right sidebar for a good explanation. She had kids do individual answers to questions which they threw into a basket, and then she drew “answers” to questions. If they got them right, the class applauded. I love it…lots of reps…


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