ALAN meets today, 4:00 Alaska time

Hi all,

If anyone out there could attend this, it is sure to be interesting.

The following note is from Nancy Boxler.

Please join the Alaska Language Acquisition Meeting at 4:00 today (Alaska time) on E-live.

Panigkaq Agatha John shields and I will facilitate an important conversation on Identity, Mental Decolonization and Assessment.

You will not want to miss this one! If you have not attended a session before please consider coming to this one. We welcome you!

We will also continue to work together to seek ways we can tap into the networks expertise  to answer the following questions:

·         What is the relationship between culture and language?

·         How does this relationship impact the way kids learn?

·         How does this relationship impact the way I teach?

·         How does this relationship impact how I assess?

Join Session:

Our network goals include:

·         Learning on behalf of each other to create a plan to assess instruction and learning of target languages.

·         Examining our assumptions and digging into the data around student learning, teacher practice and school and community context.

·         Creating authentic Preschool- grade 20 partnerships.

We believe…

that the expertise to improve schools and student learning exists within Alaska’s schools and universities.  Partners have embraced “Networked Learning”. A key principle of networked learning is  “learning with and on behalf of others” in order to deepen the knowledge of the group as well as the individual. Another key principle is the co-construction of these networked learning experiences. Everyone is welcome. If you are new to the group please watch the movie below. It captures our mission and the core values of our work together.

Learning on behalf of each other…. For the Children

Sincerely, Nancy



Nancy Boxler

University School Liaison

College of Education

University of Alaska, Anchorage

(907) 786-4516


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