Speaking bomb

Continuing the saga of the level one class…today I had great participation in discussing the zombie stories. They were very much on.

But then I did a discussion of QAR that was a bit too long. After that, I decided that I wanted to hear what they’ve been getting in group stories. I told them that I wanted to hear the three new words in the family, and that I wanted to hear at least two “doing” words out of each kid. That was the wrong way to explain it. Instead, I needed to have reminded them of the basic story pattern. Establish a character, establish a problem. Tell three ways the character tries to solve the problem. Solve it or don’t. Tell it in panels. Everyone needs to say at least two sentences.

I didn’t do that, and they didn’t succeed. ICK!!

Why was I doing output at all with these kids? Partly to give them a change and myself a break, partly because I did want to hear whether they’ve got the structures, which I actually knew because they have used them over and over, and partly because this is an activity that they will do if we ever have a sub. They need to do it every so often. Now I’m going to have to spend part of kindergarten day re-establishing how to do a story. More output!!

I’m hoping strongly that we don’t have the snow day that everyone is wishing for tomorrow, so that I can get back on the right track. I didn’t praise them at all for their work today, and even though one girl left saying, “I love this class! It’s my favorite,” I didn’t feel as though today’s work had contributed to that love.


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