It happened…I ran out of jokes on Bryce’s page, so I had to go out on my own and find some. I found a whole page of jokes in Russian about dogs on a website dedicated to dog care. All I did was google “dog jokes.” I put a bunch of them together and that was my Intermediate parent class last night. A lot of the words repeated…body parts, “lost,” and “bites.” I thought it was worth it, but now I’m going to need to do something on cats.

For my beginners, I started putting together all the HF words from the Masha show that Natalia sent me, and that was fun. We didn’t get to the cartoon, or even to the story, but that gives us next week.


4 responses to “Jokes

  1. See, you have a week per month almost planned out:) Glad you found it entertaining, I hope the kids will too. My American husband had a ball with it the first time he saw it. He still sneaks in front of TV when my kids are watching it. The best thing, it needs almost no translation, but the story lines you can pull off are limitless. Let me know what the kids think.


  2. I was really surprised, because I thought the adults would get tired of it. They were glued to the screen!

    It will be interesting to see how the kids like it. I’m thinking that I’ll use it for comic relief tomorrow, asking/telling the story after re-establishing the vocabulary, then letting them read it, and then showing it and asking them to do a fast write afterward to explain the parts I left out.

    This is the sort of thing that I have no idea exists, so I’m really appreciative.


  3. What is the Masha show? Sounds interesting but I imagine it is for Russian only?


    • Sorry! It is…for once, only for Russians. The link is in the comments under Word List Ramblings. Natalia was trying to help me out. It’s adorable, has very few words, and there is a whole series that kids could watch after having told the stories.

      This year’s songs are only now taking off with the intermediate group, so I’m really interesting in finding things that will connect with them. We haven’t tried sweet videos yet. These are great, because (among other things) they’re only about six minutes long, which means that we will spend most of our time talking and reading and writing.


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