It finally worked

Well, I don’t know whether it’s the “grade to standards” thing or whether the kids finally got the picture, but today my class of level 1 and 2 kids all got the idea of how to expand with details. Some of them still have to have one picture drawn for each verbal “chunk of information,” rather than doing a long description of one picture. That tells me something–probably that they are very concrete learners–but that’s okay! We’re going to work on how to use what we know more from now on. Probably I need to just throw weird pictures up on the board to connect with our structures and encourage the whole class to tell as much as possible. Hey…that’s a one-word story, isn’t it! I guess all our techniques lead to the same thing: ask the story, spin the story, expand on the story, and start over.

In my intermediate class, the group took up the entire hour working on two birthday cards and singing two songs. Oh, and playing Yolki-palki, a silly vocabulary game that Senor Jordan talks about on his site. I think he calls it “Ay Caramba.” I had a picture-order game set up on the Smart Board so that kids could read the text and move the pictures into the order of the text. I guess we’ll use it next week. I am slowly learning how to use this board for CI. In this case, the game is to assess comprehension, rather than to support it, but that’s okay because we’ve already written the story.

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