Times are changing

Nope…no posts on what’s happening in class. I have been spending a bit too much time this morning looking at wordless short videos after reading Senora Hitz’s blog on Alma (see under “TPRS blogs.” And sorry about the “n.”) It resonated with me after my positive experience with the Masha and the Bear Russian cartoons. Really, they’re pretty much wordless too. I love having a mix of stories that the kids come up with based on backward teaching vocabulary for a story, but I also love using real stories from music, news, and videos to make them have the “ah-ha” moment when they recognize the connection between a story and the source.

Other than that, I’m thankful that one of the new folks at our university is strongly supporting CI methods and guiding student teachers to TPRS as one of the only clear methods out there to achieve it. If you want to do your student teaching in a TPRS-friendly situation, this would be it!

We were talking about how the non TPRS-friendly folks demand research to prove that it works, and how those same people have years of clear anecdotal research to prove that the traditional methods don’t work. Who hasn’t heard, “I took four years of (language) in high school and I don’t remember a thing.” That’s pretty strong stuff. On the other hand, when my kids come back from the summer, they still remember what they acquired last year. I don’t fear weekends or holidays or even extended student absences the way I used to, because the kids don’t forget. We don’t need to review. Yesterday, the methods leader I mentioned said that when she was teaching, her goal was to teach for long-term memory. I just love it that we have someone on “our” side now.


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