Back to the future

I had an ah-hah moment in my advanced class today. We were in the midst of creating a story out of vocabulary words. Well, quite honestly, “we” weren’t. I was showing the advanced class what the first-year’s words were and trying to get them to give me the imperfect/perfect past tense forms. One of them started a story, which really worked better than the drill I was lazily developing.

The story got involved, and one of the kids said that we should really be writing it down, because it seemed as though it was going to be a good one. I started writing, and the same kid raised her hand and asked whether I remembered a story from a couple years ago about a whale that was breaking a ship. That was because we were using “is breaking” and “broke.” She was absolutely right. I had given them the wrong form for “was breaking.” Someone else asked how in the world she remembered, and she reminded them about the story in which two kids were playing the part of the ship and the whale kept surfacing and breaking the ship more and more.

That was my ah-hah moment. At that time, we always had actors going places on transportation. At least, we always discussed how the characters were getting places, and different kids were always up, acting. My acting requests have become a lot less crazy. That is, I usually have only one kid out of his or her seat. Sometimes I still have a kid for sound effects, or so on, but usually it’s only one, and I haven’t been having transport at all. Don’t know why. I guess I need to look back at those old stories and figure out whether it was the kids or the stories that were different. Could spice up my Russian 1 class.


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