Snow day

Just as I was heading out the door this morning, my husband called me back to say that he had just heard that school was cancelled. Bad news/good news.

I’ve been re-writing my finals (and going on a nice walk in the snow and reading my book for Book Club and playing Sudoku and drinking way too much coffee).

Thanks to Piedad’s rules of assessment, I went back to the drawing board, and used the storyboard I had created for the Getting out of Bed video to write three levels of reading and recordings. I copy/pasted the text into Quia, recorded myself telling about the pictures at three different levels, and now I am done. I can use the pictures to work in class tomorrow to pre-tell the story with the kids, then show the video and talk about it again, and then they should be fine to read, write, speak and listen to it on the final. I added about fifteen matching vocabulary structures to each quiz. My expectation is that those will be very simple and make the kids realize that they’ve learned a lot.

I’m going to let kids at the lower levels take upper-level quizzes if they want (but also this way I have a quiz for every level in every class), and I’m going to leave the news reading for the advanced kids to do as a way to get an exceeds/A on the reading section if they want.

Nice to have a day to do it right. I feel especially good that I’m using the same pictures for all three groups, because I could really aim at different levels of acquisition, and I like the fact that the mixed kids in each group will be taking different tests even though they’re in the same room.


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