Final crashed!

Just got through my first set of finals with my Russian 1 kids. They did a nice job on the speaking part. Everyone said at least four comprehensible sentences, and I had to stop two groups in the interest of time. It was not clear when they were going to be through with the story.

Then we went to the lab. Just about all of them did the listening part, and even my most scared kids did pretty well. Many also managed to finish the reading section too. But as some were dawdling and others were taking the (allowable) re-take, the unthinkable happened…at least, given that everything else was normal: the site shut down! That’s never happened to me with Quia, and I am pretty upset about it, especially because now not only did some of their scores get through, but I can’t even get to the scores. And I am hoping for the best for tomorrow, when I have levels 2-5 in two groups of two-hour finals.

Except for this rather big problem, I have to say that it was a great idea…the second-year kids were taking their quiz, the first-year kids who finished their exam with 100% scores could go on and attack the next level (and I was happy to see that while they could make some headway, they really couldn’t do totally well; shows me that I did succeed in differentiating, even though the pictures and the stories were all the same).



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