Cutting down the words

I worked on a long reading today and am now repeating the mantra: “High-frequency words, high-frequency words!” I started to repeat it while skiing. To show what a tough Alaskan I am, I will attach the picture of what I look like at 9 degrees. (Joking about being tough…I had to turn our little group around after two miles because I couldn’t feel my toes. Naturally, by the time we got back, I was just fine and didn’t need to have wimped out. Fairbanks folks will be laughing by now.) But in the meantime, I am serious about seeing how few words are needed to express the most important thoughts. I love Terry’s latest quote on her blog: “Fluency is being able to use all the language you’ve acquired unconsciously and correctly. Proficiency is being able to do that and also having enough vocabulary to make things happen in the world.” I am going to pay attention to how much I can say with the fewest words tonight. And then I’ll try that in class next week.

This may not help anyone who wants to recognize me, but at least Anne should know that her pink neckmere is essential in this weather.


One response to “Cutting down the words

  1. We need some snow here in WI! Can you share? My Siberian soul is quite sad from the lack of skiing opportunities! The vacation is over and not a single snowflake stayed on the ground for more than an hour. Sigh…


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