Catching up with links

I promised I’d put Natalia’s great student self-evaluation rubric up as a post; it’s in this comment. Natalia says that she’s open for suggestions, but it looks PDG (pretty darned good) to me.

I also have the links to the videos of Tam teaching poems through TPRS. Here’s the link to the comment where I put those.

Have a fun Sunday! I think it snowed a lot here, so first I’m going to shovel, then ski to my classroom.

(PS I am linking this to songs because the videos show a way you could also teach songs.)


3 responses to “Catching up with links

  1. Hi, Michele,
    Did you recently post a new writing and speaking rubric or I am I going crazy? I did a search and it did not come up. Perhaps another blog? Hmm. Happy New Year.


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