Today I didn’t have enough time for my advanced kids to write a story with the same vocabulary that the intermediates are using. And I didn’t want to make the same mistakes as I’ve detailed here. So…

I taught them gestures with the vocabulary. They practiced in pairs.
I showed them a slide with pictures and words, and we discussed the pictures.
The next slides had one picture and all (four) structures with a question mark. They had to say which structure fit. (It was input in the form of reading; these are advanced kids, and the structures are based on words they know, so pronunciation was not an issue as it might have been with the lower groups.)
Then there were leading questions. I ended up finding out that our newest kid lives with his brother and often cooks his own meals. At sixteen. Wow. I’m going to start giving him some more positive attention.
Then there were picture slides without words, and the kids tried to tell me the words.
Then we read and discussed the intermediate class’s story that used these words (five slides’ worth of story).
Then we retold from perspective: changed tense on one slide, changed person on another. It was just challenging enough.

This huge amount of repetition meant that every kid got an A on the listening quiz I administered at that point in class. We went on to do some reading about Lake Baikal, and then it was time to drop everything and go to an assembly.


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