Sledding Crow

In case anyone else hasn’t seen this, here’s a cute video to start the day.

You could use:
wanted to ski
it was cold
got bored (that’s what the little kids said about the crow when he stopped)

. . . but I’d love to hear what stories others could come up with. I’m a little brain-dead after three days off!!

Jenny Kelly’s Video collection
Not all the links are active, and many are in Spanish and French, but it’s still got a lot of good options.


6 responses to “Sledding Crow

  1. Amazing and the article that went with it. So often we do make the assumption as humans that we know what is happening when we see it. But realistically until we understand Crow language we have no real idea. We just put our values on other Beings. I truly appeciated that little clip.


  2. It’s a good point.

    I have to admit, we ended up with a story. My target words for the week were:
    spends free time

    so you can imagine how easy it was to use those in the story about this crow. The kids loved this video. One actually wondered where in the world I find my videos. I think that the surprising part is that we tell a story about a video, and they aren’t expecting to have a video that will fit the story.

    They also didn’t realize that my ulterior motivation here is to get all of them to be able to talk about what they do in their free time. Hah!


    • Yes, where do you find those videos? I have to admit that at the end of the day I lack time and energy to search the Internet for in hopes to find something that I could use. Here are my two cents on possible structures to fit with your free time theme: had nothing to do, got an idea, did it again.


  3. Thanks Natalia! That gives me a way to re-run it.

    This video came from a science teacher friend. I can’t go looking for them, or I waste way too much time. Jenny Kelly shared a bunch with us, and I thought I’d posted those here. Maybe not. I’ll attach the file to the original.


  4. My husband the luddite wanted to see this video after I told him about it. I want to earmark it for later in the semester.


  5. You can always find it by googling “sledding crow.” (That’s how I found it when I realized I’d forgotten it at home.)


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