Feldenkrais and TPRS

Yesterday I went to get on my bike and couldn’t. Don’t know what I did, but I had to go see my friendly (parent of a student) practitioner in Feldenkrais.

I can’t explain this healing technique, but we have one of the world’s best in Anchorage … honestly: she goes around the world teaching it!

Though I told her I thought it was in my hip, she worked on my shoulder, and when I left, I was able to consider getting on my bike, and I’m sure I’ll ride today.

We’ve talked a lot about the similarities between Feldenkrais technique and TPRS, weirdly enough. She figures out where I am and goes from there. When I’m doing TPRS right, I figure out where the kids are and go from there. My hip was the target structure yesterday, but it wasn’t what we “did.” In class this week, arriving and leaving by foot are two structures, and guess what: I am not getting to them. Instead, we are getting to a lot of other stuff, and it isn’t bad. We’re going where we need to go to acquire the language that the kids and I need to talk about what concerns them. Eventually we’ll get to arriving and leaving, but if I don’t push it, the acquisition will be that much easier.


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