Who’s your hero?

My Russian 1 structures today were, “meets,” “asks,” and “answers.”

I gave out slips of recycled note paper and asked my students to write two celebrity names down and a question one might ask the other, as well as the answer that the other might give.

Then I mixed them up, much like the game my children played at the holiday. Dr. Seuss meets Will Farrell and asks why he is so funny. Will Farrell answers that he has a funny hand.

It’s not so much that the stories make sense as that the kids are listening for me to use their celebrities and their questions and answers. I’m trying to use one line at least from each kid. We’ll see whether a story comes out of it, but in the meantime, at least there is a lot of repetition.

This was my PQA for the day. No news. But I’m learning who is important to my kids. I read a TPRStalk post from Susie. She said that if what I’m supposed to be teaching is the subjunctive, what I should do is figure out how I can use the subjunctive to learn more about my kids. Well, this group is coming along, but I need to know who they care about, and this was a way to do it.


2 responses to “Who’s your hero?

  1. This sounds interesting. Were the names, questions, and answers written on separate papers? Or were the names and questions on 1 paper, and the 2nd celebrity’s name and answer on another paper?


  2. Each kid had one 1/8 page square of paper, and wrote all that quickly onto a page.

    Today, my advanced kids helped me out and wrote out questions and answers for these characters in Russian. It was a chance for them to write questions that had some meaning, but will also give extra reading for the Russian 1’s.


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