Wagging technology

I’m very proud of myself. I have mastered a certain degree of ability on the Smart board, even if it does un-callibrate itself while kids are drawing. My solution: let them draw on the regular white board. Have one of them send me a picture of that drawing. Then I add it to the Smart board and use it to add to stories.

Here’s the link to see what the Russian 1 day’s post looks like. I was getting a few last re-tells and having the second-year kids tell me the story in past tense.

I really hate it when the technology machine wags me.


2 responses to “Wagging technology

  1. Oh my gosh! I cannot believe the talent to have the technology you actually do have working for you. Oh MY GOSH! I feel so ancient. I am still working off paper pads. But my little guys are even using smart phones. I miss those rotary dails.

    This summer I’d like a little on the side info on doing tech that is effective. I’ve been recording my work on computer after or before and power pointing it. I don’t have a smart board to work off at this time. And I’ve been working with recording via cds stories and songs that I hand out every so often. But I can see the sense of what you are doing in that it saves a great deal of time and money.

    Are the students using these resources out of class?



    • Kids do use it, mostly for makeup. If they miss a day, they have to go on the site, find three new structures, and use them at least three times each in a story or narrative of 100/150/200/250 words (1st year/2nd/3rd/4th).

      But I also try to record the stories at least occasionally, and they tell me they listen to those.


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