Thursday smile

One of my German II students came in today and says “Herr Black, you’ll be so proud of me.”  It turns out that he was reading something online and it took until the third page of reading before he realized that he was reading in German instead of English.  He said he finally figured it out when he came across a phrase he didn’t know. 

I personally think he came across a few unknown words before the third page that never sounded the alarm for him because he has gotten used to reading for content.  He’s so used to processing things in German while in class that he just processes words as they come.

But mostly, he’s right.  I’m very proud of him.


One response to “Thursday smile

  1. Hurrah for reading for fun! He loved his own achievement enough to thank you in his own little teenage offhanded way, “You’d be proud of me . . .” And you are! Those are the moments we live for as teachers. Helps make up for the testing, low pay, and other hazards. Pat yourself on the back Nathan because that young man learned a lot thanks to your encouragement.


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