Today I forgot what class I was in, and I threw some stuff at my level 1-2 that they weren’t ready for. I scared them all as we prep for our upcoming state competition. Now I have to regain their trust. They have a lot to say, but they’re not all able to talk in first person. I haven’t been doing enough changes in perspective for them, to assure that first person falls out of their mouths. Partly that’s because I got all these new kids this semester. Today I decided that they could talk about themselves using all these verbs that they’ve had in third person, and they mostly just fell apart, even though they’d been doing great talking about family members and where those family members live and what they do. Yikes!

So send good thoughts that I can restore their confidence tomorrow and make them feel better…


6 responses to “Boom!

  1. Beautiful Martina, thanks a ton. There’s my Friday activity for tomorrow.

    Hang in there MJ. February’s a weird energy time for everybody anyways, and I’m sure the stress of the competition has people a little off balance. Go have some fun tomorrow and that’s what they’ll remember going into the weekend.


  2. I was working on that post when I received the email notification for your post! What can I say, Deb is not only brilliant and hilarious, but timely with her tips as well 🙂


  3. You are amazing! Most teachers (myself included) would have reacted to this classroom experience by saying to themselves: gotta focus more on that first person with them. You, instead are more concerned about gaining back their trust and “restoring their confidence”. Thanks for the reminder that this is what it’s all about!


  4. Just walk in and tell them–Whoops I made a mistake!. I’ll teach you the song this summer. My kids just roll their eyes and laugh. And we go on. They trust you more when you tell them the truth. So few adults and teachers especially admit to their vulnerability and tell it like it is. And they know you will help them grow as you have all year.


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