Lyrics Training

Just came across a post by Kristin that linked me to something called Lyrics Training.

Basically this allows you to find songs in your language (if you happen to teach English, French, Dutch, Spanish, Italian, Portuguese or German) that lets students work at their own pace through the lyrics of a range of songs rated easy, medium or hard.  Basically it’s a cloze exercise, but one that is synchronized with a video that you can listen to as often as you want to get the word, and that won’t let you progress until you get it.

I was seriously impressed with the selection of German videos; usually you get just a couple token videos, but this had quite a selection. If you go to “Advanced Search” you can even expand your options by choosing to work with videos that haven’t been formally reviewed yet (which makes me wonder what the purpose of a review is, but I’m not complaining).

This will slot very nicely with how I have my students do self-selected homework, but it does have the drawback of no real “filter” for songs (I recognize a couple that I wouldn’t show in class).  I guess I’m a bit of a prude, and I simply don’t show songs in class if I’m not comfortable with either the lyrics of video.  This opens up that floodgate a bit, but my students are pretty comfortable with where I draw the line for classroom viewing, so I don’t anticipate anything other than a couple complaints.


One response to “Lyrics Training

  1. I’ve come across this site a while ago and showed it to my students. One of the classes got so into it that instead of me showing to them how it works, they chose someone to type and I found the song that we’d done in class before. I had the entire class yell out the lyrics to help, it was fun to watch:)

    I recognize that there is a concern of inappropriate lyrics/videos, so the idea of homework choice really fits this site. But I think I ned to go back and repeat the experience in class every now and then to get rid of Monday or Friday blues. The choice of the song will obviously remain my prerogative or they can chose one that we’ve discussed in class. Thanks for the reminder!


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