Diana’s documents

Diana sent these out for us to share…the chain reaction game samples.

I already made a set for myself in Russian. . . going to be fun!

Flashcard chain instructions
flashcard chain ENGLISH
flashcard chain Spanish


6 responses to “Diana’s documents

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  2. Did it today and loved it; I think the kids did too. They worked in groups of 4 with my “new Russian president” theme. After they’ve done it three-four rounds, I added a competition element to it. Two kids from the group had all the cards, face down. I had a huge stopwatch on my SmartBoard. On the signal, they had to turn their cards over and complete the chain reaction “interview” orally as fast as they can without compromising pronunciation. You get the idea. Questions were simple, some answers were familiar, some were new. At the end, they had to imagine that they were Putin and introduce themselves in writing (I perspective) using the info from the “interview”

    As a bonus, I did another set on the back (color coded them by drawing a blue line on one side and a pink one on another through all cards before cutting them). This side was a sentence completion involving much more complex syntax. Basically, it was a review of everything they’ve learned (lots of factual stuff). Level 1-2 class could just do it as a group together on the table (basic reading), Levels 3-4 had to do this one orally as well.

    It took a lot of class time and got focus off of me for a bit which was a nice change. I did go around to make sure they were on task and doing it correctly. It was well worth prep time spent on this activity.


    • This idea keeps getting better and better! I am going to copy the way you did it when I come back from spring break.

      It’s remarkable how it can help us all to share what we do, no matter how simple. Everyone has a different way of going at something, and it’s always interesting and helpful to find out how others are doing things. Thank you for sharing!


  3. We have a Mvskoke community dinner tomorrow. I am using the chain to help the adults that have been trying to learn some conversational skills to talk about our gardens (i.e. Are you planning your garden? Have you turned your soil? What are you putting in?). We will see how it goes. The words are NOT familiar to the community but the power of reading words is. The Master Speaker (not me) will correct pronunciation and talk about how that word is wrong but this word is right for what we want to say (did I mention he’s a linguist/grammerian).
    So even though the output process is being reinforced, people will have something to take home and study on their own between now and our next gathering where plants are REALLY emphasised. And the Elders will be able to weigh in with thoughts they haven’t given us before because the language will be there to jog their memories.
    I am very grateful for this activity because it has so many possibilities for use.


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