Freshman Fair is over

I had a great time tonight with Laurie’s plan of the mini story and the (Burger King) crowns and the (Alaska Airlines) wings. My kids loved filling in the blanks in the story, and I saw lots of kids walking around with crowns on. I need to hit a dollar store for inexpensive gold paper crowns when I’m Outside…here I could only get a few.

The best part of the night was overhearing what kids said. One seriously told others that “This is the only teacher I know who nobody complains about.” Another boy kept explaining, over and over, how if you don’t understand, all you have to do is ask. They told other kids how they sing songs, tell stories, and have fun in class. I posted the message from the earlier blog on this subject, and the kids seemed to support it. The table was mobbed most of the night. One parent saw me and said, “Now what would you say if your teacher weren’t standing there?” I walked away for a bit. The kids said he questioned my teaching technique at length and they tried to explain the brain theory behind it.

I knew there was a reason I explain this stuff from time to time!

Fun evening. I’m a little bit high on happiness. I do understand that the kids who chose to come advertise our class were self-selected…still, it was heart warming.


6 responses to “Freshman Fair is over

  1. I had success to as we signed up for new classes this week and all my students signed up to finish out the year. I feel great that the first graders and kindergarten students along with the older kids find that learning Mvskoke is important and as engaging as the other classes offered during the same time slot. When our students support us, we know we are on the right track! We know that we are getting their attention and they want to be there to learn and grow. It is all a teacher can really ask for–to be able to do the job they are passionate about with students who are holding the passion to learn with us.


    • Wow. That’s something…to make a language class something that kids are choosing to do after school, and in such mixed age groups. Kate, you are a Power. Can’t wait to see you this summer!


  2. So happy for both of you!!! And such a great reminder at this time of the year when we wonder if we really are making a difference. We don’t just teach for june, we teach for the future and we teach for the present. Love to you both!! Laurie


    • Laurie, my department head (German teacher) said that his kids were watching our table a bit jealously from where they were playing Bingo. Your idea was spectacular! You made me look really good. I shouldn’t be amazed that you can advise from a distance, but it’s pretty rare that I can understand and implement something that I read and didn’t observe. Thank you for the idea, and thank you for the love. You absolutely rock!!


  3. I worked my butt off today. The little ones wanted to be outside in the spring that is finally here.

    I convinced them we would “custaken ehes”–hide eggs. they came in for that. I got a full 10 minutes in Mvskoke and a total of over 20 minutes (total class time in Mvskoke) while also supervising the middle schoolers doing homework in the back of the room.

    truth was when I looked over at them, most of them were focused on our class speaking and responding in Mvskoke. I had used the chain activity to answer questions about the play we were getting ready to do. It was the first time we did reading without pictures or played that game. Plus we hid eggs and found them (they are a part of the play we wrote to present at Friday Sing the week before Easter.

    WOw! no wonder I’m tired. thanks for all the ideas Michele and Martina and Laurie.


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