Spring break!!

I am now officially finished with classes until March 19, so I won’t be posting unless something is so important that it interferes with my ability to enjoy hanging out with my basketball-playing daughter.

In the meantime, check out the Language Educator for the story on the college Spanish teacher who found that TPRS is effective at the college level. I think it’s around page 54.

PS My principal came today, after all Unicorn plans were done. The kids delightedly kept me off track. I had our target phrases on the board and we never got to them. He didn’t want a translator, so they took full advantage. We got in a story about kids who were trying to make popsicles out of snow but ended up making an orange fish. I can’t remember why it was orange, but originally it was because Horton was relieving himself in that snow.

Happy spring! Only in Alaska can a kid look outside at the brilliant sun and say, “Summer is here!” (missing entirely the four feet of snow on the ground).

One response to “Spring break!!

  1. Have a great spring break. Ours is still on the horizon. I can hardly wait. And then the final 9 weeks!


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