GRRR!! Bryce made me post today!!

I am working on the final report for our NEA grant, and need a picture of Bryce, so I went to his website, and then I found that he’s posted some new stuff. You will want it. First, there’s the list of classroom jobs that I was going to share with you from my notes on his webinar, but hadn’t got around to it. That’s here.

Then I found his classroom posters. You’ll want them too.

I’m amazed by the TPRS community’s generosity. Bryce, you are AWESOME!

PS: Here’s one of my documents on that NEA grant. If you need to procrastinate, please go view the Prezi and let me know if it works. I’m afraid to push the “finalize” button.

Storytelling in Language Classrooms;
an NEA Learning and Leadership Grant


We collected pictures and responses to grant activities on one Prezi. The address for the Prezi is

Click on the link, and wait until the presentation is loaded. Then look for a faint “More” button on the bottom right of your screen. Hold it down and choose “Full screen.”

From there you can click on the forward arrow at the bottom of the screen to follow the presentation.

Thank you so much for making this grant possible!


4 responses to “Bryce!

  1. Thanks, Michele. I figure we are all in this together and we all get better when we share. I have received so much from the TPRS community that I want to share the ideas that are working for me. I have been getting some objections to my teaching methods lately, but I am not discouraged–it just sharpens my thinking and allows me to head off future objections. The recent classroom posters have grown out of that.


  2. Bryce just blows me away! I am so amazed. The classroom posters are fabulous and the jobs insightful and meaningful therefore doable in his classroom. I am constantly inspired.


  3. awesome, Michelle and Bryce! Loved the classroom posters and well as the job list!
    Bryce, I hope the “objections” would just work itself out. Good luck!


    • Haiyun, I have been meaning to make the same wish for Bryce. Isn’t it remarkable that because of troubles, Bryce ends up making a tweak that improves teaching for all of us? I am grateful for that spirit.


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