Reading Ben’s way

Today I had 85-minute block classes, and since it’s the day that I also have no lunch break or prep period, I’m a little tired by the end of the day. But luckily my parent-teacher meeting for today was canceled…phew!

Classes went by really fast. I only taught two Russian classes (the others were my English classes). In both we did two of the Tournament of Awesomeness battles. Zack Efron, kayaking, and Dalton (a kid in class) won, as did macaroni and cheese. We read through new songs and did a cloze exercise in one class, but then got to reading.

Ben Slavic’s way of reading lately is to have the kids follow in TL while the teacher reads in expressive English. In the intermediate class, I handed out index cards so that each student could hold one under the current line (thanks, Laurie) and changed it up a little by reading in Russian the first time. I was amazed by the level of attention when kids were responsible for their cards’ being in the right place…and also because it was easier for them to focus on the reading because of the cards. When I read in English, I read expressively, but sometimes paused so that they filled in the next word. Then I switched it up so that they read on their own in pairs every other pair of facing pages.

The advanced class read everything quickly in pairs (they wrote this book and are checking for inaccuracies and typos), but I think it’s still really good for them.

I didn’t do any prep work for the intermediates because this book is supposed to be for level 1 kids. I found out which words and phrases they really could have used some support for by doing it this way.


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