Last night, a gentleman leading our ushering group introduced himself, pronouncing his own name (Hidalgo) wrong. His wife had just given the group a quick lesson in Spanish pronunciation. He apologized, and said that he has heard his name mispronounced so many times that the mispronunciation comes out of him naturally.

Although it might seem as though I’m making a point about using proper pronunciation, I’m not. I’m just underlining how much we depend on what we hear for what comes out of our mouths.

It’s just another supporting anecdote for CI/TPRS, as far as I’m concerned!


3 responses to “Pronunciation

  1. Piedad Gutierrez

    This is very interesting to me. My name and my last name are mispronounced frequently, however I won’t ever mispronounce them, despite the fact I do not make any judgements and in true I do not care for the mispronunciation or misspelling. I would never pronounce my name as a pie that is dead, no way. My name is pee-ah-dah-d. I am not sure this is a CI/TPRS anecdote. I think he just does not care or he feels more integrated saying it with an American tone. The same way I do not care if people call me Pilar or Patricia, two names more frequently hear than Piedad in the Latino community. It does not affect my identity, but it may make feel the other more comfortable or less uncomfortable than if I am correcting him or her…


  2. I love your name, and I can understand why you wouldn’t mispronounce it, even if you did hear it wrong a lot. (I actually can’t figure out how, when we hear Spanish all around us all the time, either name would be mispronounced.)

    I have actually had a similar experience to this man’s. So many people misspell my name that I have, on occasion, typed it or even written it out incorrectly. I don’t sign it wrong. It only happens when I’m doing something else at the same time, but it’s weird!

    Still, you could be right about feeling more integrated by pronouncing it in a way that fits what English speakers read.


  3. I think your comment about doing something at the same time you are trying to write your name says a lot about the disconnect we actually have with what we are doing and our attention towards it. Mispronounce, misspell, forget what we were going to do or say–it is all related to not being present in the moment. And that is something that doesn’t work in CI.


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