Crazy day

It’s been a crazy day, but luckily TPRS-trained kids are easy to handle when life interferes with teaching.

My advanced kids were willing to read while I fielded some phone calls, and then they participated beautifully in our story about chess-boxing. Luckily Nathan had shared that story with me, and I had already planned it out as I mentioned yesterday. It turned out way better than I’d expected. The two girls, who were friends, were surprised to find themselves sitting next to each other when they’d bought tickets to two different events (story got tweaked along the way) and then the entire class was totally surprised by the fact that chess-boxing is real. The only bad thing is that they were so full of this information that they might spread it around the school and keep it from being a surprise for the other classes.

The other class had a lab day, and luckily I had a variety of things ready to go as you can see on this post for their class. They stayed busy the whole hour, trying to beat one another’s times and scores while I intermittently walked through the lab and made more phone calls. The PQA activity is made up of the questions that the small group came up with to match the gestures and questions. It was really easy to put together on google surveys.

Both classes are using the same vocabulary, so it’s going to work well to share each other’s stories.

Thank goodness. I don’t know how I would manage without having all this interconnected material to tread water with (while still feeling as though they’re getting something out of it).


One response to “Crazy day

  1. Yay! The power of comprehensive input with storytelling! Love this post!


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