Achtung: Weird Sport Alert

As a follow-up to the chessboxing fun from the past couple of days, I just came across an  an article in the New York Times in which a photographer previews his book appropriately titled Weird Sports.

Yes Chess boxing is in here, and so is the tough guy challenge, which I’ve had fun with showing to a class and then challenging them to come up with what OUR tough-guy challenge would look like (complete with illustrations and the works. Great fun.) Check out the big picture series on this:

So those are in there, but underwater hockey?  World urban golf day (whacking tennis balls around a city)?  Cardboard tube dueling league?  Sign me up!  There is such a wealth of weirdness here that I think I just might slowly mine the trove every couple of weeks as the mood strikes.

See, TPRS stories are actually preparing our students to live in the real-world out there.  Who’d have thunk?



3 responses to “Achtung: Weird Sport Alert

  1. You’re right! There’s plenty of weirdness out there! What about flipping pancake race complete with aprons and all? I think these pics are great for PQA type activities. Do you do that? You do?Really? How well? When? Where? With whom? You don’t? Do you want to do that? Would you do that? If I gave you million dollars, would you do that? With me, would you do that?

    That starts sounding like Green Eggs and Ham… Care to have the kids to write a short book convincing someone to try their favorite weird sport à la Dr. Seuss?


  2. Here is my two cents on pictures to use in class, just in time for Easter. Check out this Peeps Show contest, plenty of interesting/strange/weird POV on Peeps. Perfect for “Where are Peeps?” “What are they doing?”, etc.


    • SOOO cute! Between a couple of songs, Nathan’s weird stories, your Putin notebook, and these, I’m fixed for the rest of the year!

      This is perfect for the afternoon after testing (today). Yesterday I was thinking my kids could be students after four hours of seats…I was so wrong…


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