Wow. I suddenly feel the pain of many colleagues who’ve mentioned the numbers of kids who are not present right now. We had four or five events that took kids out for today and tomorrow, and I was down to about nine attendees in my beginning Russian class. I just have to have faith that they’re going to be able to catch up if I do things right.

Instead of playing games with the Russian beginners, we told a story (key words: meets and worries), and then we read our novel. For the sake of the newbies, I told them briefly in English what the story was about, and then we pretty much read straight through. I could see where kids have problems, and so now we’ll spend some more time on the prep work, with the SL cycle and embedded readings.

In my advanced class, we’re working away on the CYOA story. We have just one big butcher-paper plan. Kids are writing in pairs so as to have lots of details in each little piece and to help one another with the process, and the timing works pretty well so that after they write, they can type and then come sit with me as I edit. We have nine chunks of the story written in acceptable fashion, with 42 pieces total so far on the overview. (A couple of story endings need to be planned out yet.) I’m not sure about whether we’ll have a picture for each page.

Choose Your Own Adventure is fun, and as Martina said, it’s a class bonding exercise for the end of the year. It’s obviously a lot of output, but I’m seeing that the kids are getting down their second-person verb endings nicely! I never would have thought of doing this in order to work on grammar, but it’s turning out that way.

I’m doing everything I can to keep it from being a lot of work for me. It’s still not Russian input OR output for the two kids who are doing all the organizing. We’ll see how that goes. Only four weeks and one day left in the school year. Can we finish it? I’ll let you know.


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