Jeopardy, again

My plan was to play some games with students this week and for the next few…

After we sang and students read their novel for a while, we played Jeopardy. The MSU Clear site “Quizbreak” is really easy (see the right sidebar for the link), as I’ve mentioned before. Low learning curve, and I was able to create an entire game while fielding occasional questions from the students.

I’m always surprised by how much fun it is to play a game during class and how focused kids get, especially some who otherwise don’t much come alive. In Jeopardy, you can repeat all those structures you want, and the kids have to create the questions and use numbers. I picked two of the quietest kids in each group to be the ones who had to answer, so while their groups picked the questions and figured out the answers, they were all saying the answers to the quiet ones. We haven’t used big numbers much, so that was fun, too. Too late, I discovered that I could have changed the row amounts to numbers other than 100/200/400/600/1000, but at least we got those.

It’s still more CI (you can get really carried away writing the questions) than it is output because the whole group is trying so hard to understand the questions.


2 responses to “Jeopardy, again

  1. Hey Michele,
    I am making up a Jeopardy game for tomorrow and can’t figure out how to add the answer to each question so my kids see the written after it is spoken. The tutorial says “You can add an anwer to the question and show it after”, but when I click on the answer in order to type it in nothing happens? Any advice?


    • Hmm…I just click and start typing in the answer box. Then you have to save the answer. I can’t remember your phone number…try this and give me a call if need be.


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