Terry Waltz, again, and Grammar

I know that I’ve posted this, but another site just mentioned this video of Terry’s, which lays out TPRS in such beautiful fashion that I feel I have to remind myself of it. I just watched the first half, and I want to channel Terry next week.

Now I’ll go back and watch the second half. Terry makes the whole process very smooth, and she talks about her way of doing the curriculum. I asked Susie recently about grammar for curriculum-mapping purposes (again, I may have mentioned this…sorry…) and she said that one way to “cover” grammar would be to make a list of all the topics you want to cover. Then at the end of class each day, you check off the ones that you did pop-ups on. That way you’ll know what you’ve covered and what you need to still include. I like that a lot. I’m not really sure about how to do Terry’s method, though I like the concept, and I think that Susie’s basically combines Terry’s idea with what is manageable in class for me. I would love it if someone had an idea for a little pop-up program for my class that would ask me at the end of each day what I did…maybe a survey on Google docs or something like that??? I could put sections for beginning, intermediate, and advanced levels.

Martina, would this work?


9 responses to “Terry Waltz, again, and Grammar

  1. Totally, and I think that’s a great idea!! Google Docs allows you to graph/chart the results of surveys, also, so that would be a very easy way for you to see what you are hitting regularly and what you are missing. I think that I will try this next year, too!! I can set it up for you if you send me a list of your topics…


  2. MJ – You’re definitely not the only one interested in a Google Doc that would keep track of the topics covered.
    Martina – I’m glad you’re going to share your knowledge about Twitter with Michele. I was glad when you joined so it’s “high time” you get MJ hooked on it too. #langchat could benefit from both you and MJ joining in on the conversations


  3. Sign me up for that Google Doc too, PLEASE, – and thank you, Martina! I really need that grammar organizer started for next year to keep me focused.

    Twitter seems to be the new buzz, am I right? It sounds interesting too… in theory, but I don’t think, I’ll ever have time for it. Reading all of your blogs and following all the interesting links on them keeps me pretty occupied:) Thank you!


  4. Use a blog setup instead — really easy. Just prepare a complete set of tags with all the grammar bits you want to cover, and when you enter a story from a day’s class, tag it with the grammar bits that apply. It’s easy to see how many blog posts (aka class stories) are tagged with a particular tag, and which tags are still at zero.


    • Wow, Terry! That’s a perfectly elegant idea. I knew about tags, and I know about blogs, but I’d never in a million years have come up with this. You are a genius!!

      Wish I had done this from the beginning of the year…but on the other hand, it’s something I could have my aide do. yee, haw!


  5. Wow! Fantastic idea… luckily I do not have to appease the grammar police in my department, but I do sometimes have trouble remembering to recycle structures. I´m going to try this blog idea with vocabulary structures to see if glancing at it before PQA will help me recycle a bit more.


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