May Wrestling Match

Okay, so I wasn’t wrestling, but you know those days when a bunch of little things turn into big things because two of them were delayed and so the domino effect becomes a real thing?

This might explain why it was suddenly fourth period, with seniors coming in for their finals fifth period and me with nothing in hand. Then the gods of scheduling dropped a yearbook assembly on me, and most of the class trooped off to sign pictures, and the four wonderful remaining advanced kids took the recent novel in hand and divided up the chapters and wrote reading questions on four levels for me to give the seniors (kept them reading all period 🙂 ).

Phew! I typed up most of them, and then proceeded to make the hundred or so blini that the empty room and the busy kids allowed me to do (they each got one; theirs are on Thursday) and thus we were ready for period 5 to come in, do FVR while I finished the blini (crepes) and laud and medal the seniors and send them off to do the reading portion of their finals; then the rest of the kids started their presentations.

Now I’m ready to do the “he feels sad” lesson tomorrow, after they finish the presentations, because I got to practice on my adults last night.

I feel as though I threw the world up in the air this morning, and it all landed safely back around me by this afternoon. Maybe that’s not a wrestling match. Maybe that’s the fall leaves blowing around until they get into the right corners to help spring come along. We are down to three feet of snow along our driveway, but the crocuses are popping out in other places. Hurrah!


One response to “May Wrestling Match

  1. It is 79 here at 10:30 at night. I am so glad winter is receding for you, enjoy the crocus. And isn’t it nice to know that Murphy’s Law doesn’t always reign? Sometimes it is so wonderful that the Universe sends us a gift like students writing the reading final just when we need it.
    I too had a wonderful class today. A new child dropped in because we were the air conditioned class that had room to take her instead of outside free play (it got to 90 today). She didn’t really want to come to learn. I had planned to recycle some old vocabulary they hadn’t heard in a while. I remembered point and pause and also slow. They all were getting it. And she raised her hand 3 times to translate sentances. I felt like I was actually being comprehensible. It was so cool. Maybe I can do this after all?! Oh that is really scary.


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