Substitute plan

I hadn’t really gone over my sub plans with my Russian 1 kids this year. Friday I know I’ll be out. I prepped the kids to read their novels in a group without me and with a sub who doesn’t know Russian.

Here’s what they do:

1. One student (in this case, our native speaker) reads a paragraph out loud slowly.

2. When he’s done, kids ask to have words they don’t know defined. Another student writes the words on the board with their translations.

3. The class reads the unfamiliar words together. All the kids write the words in their notebooks. The ones who have the words down get to practice their cursive.

4. A “middle” (not superstar) student reads out loud in English. Another student fills in vocabulary gaps smoothly as needed.

5. A superstar student asks yes/no/either/or questions for the whole class to answer.

6. The native speaker asks who/what/where questions for the class.

Proceed to the next paragraph.

It’s a lot of time, not necessarily lickety-split reading (as per Susie), but it works because the kids know what they’re supposed to be doing and there’s something for me to check at the end. Today I forgot to practice having everyone write down the words. That meant that half the class was sitting there. But otherwise, they know what to do and I was able to give out the important jobs to kids who will do them correctly and kindly.


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