X-ray girl

I was glancing through a reader and found a story with all of the last of the structures I needed for my intermediate class. It was about a girl with supposed x-ray powers, taken from a Russian newspaper. I think that anyone might be able to find the information in their own language … here’s the English wiki site info. Even though it sounds as though she was firmly debunked, it would have been amusing if I’d had more time to go to town on a story and then have kids find out that it was based in (claims of) reality.

We had a fun time, and now I’m going to have the kids do a different story using the vocabulary words in question. Phew! Saved by a walk with the dog (which is when I decided I’d walk to my classroom and just look through some readers).

I also printed out little booklets of all the songs they’d found and translated this year so that we could sing their favorites. It’s great for classroom community to do that at the end of the year. Each kid who’s picked a song enjoys hearing it sung loudly after so many hours of working on the translation. ‘

PS When I handed out the reading, one student looked up suspiciously and asked whether it came out of a textbook. She said she was going to lose faith in me if I was using that kind of material. I was glad to be able to say it was a reader…but maybe I need to inform the kids that textbooks sometimes have worthwhile information in them…


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